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Shawn & Dee - Angel Unaware

This is a DEMO version of an original song.
The Ouellettes - The French Song

This is a DEMO version of "The French Song" (by Lucille Starr) featuring Sylvianne Ouellette
The Ouellettes - Sad Movies

This is a DEMO version of "Sad Movies" (by Sue Thompson) featuring Sylvianne Ouellette
Shawn & Dee - You Won't Be Lonely Long
Shawn & Dee - Run To You
Shawn & Dee - Sundown

Merchandise for Purchase


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    You Won't Be Lonely Long - Compact Disc

    This is a 5 track EP that features songs that range from Contemporary Country, to Honky Tonk, to Patriotic Pride.  As well, we've had our original track "You Can't Erase Me" remixed and mastered.

    1. You Won't Be Lonely Long (Written by Bob Dellaposta)
    2. I Pray There's A Honky Tonk In Heaven (Written by Dellaposta/Drake/Harbin)
    3. You Can't Erase Me (Written by Shawn Ouellette)
    4. Canadian Idol (Written by Marc Kuchner)
    5. American Idol (Written by Marc Kuchner)
    $10.00 CAD

    You Can't Erase Me - Compact Disc

    This is our first album; a 6 track EP mixed with both original and cover songs.

    1. The Big Time (Written by Shawn Ouellette)
    2. You Can't Erase Me (Written By Shawn Ouellette)
    3. He Drink Tequila (In the Style of Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan)
    4. When I Found You (Written By Shawn Ouellette)
    5. The Sweet Mystery (Written By Scotty MacGregor & Shawn Ouellette)
    6. Paradise Tonight (In the Style of Mickey Gilley & Charly McClain)
    $7.00 CAD

    Shawn & Dee Photo 1

    This is an 8x10" glossy photo.
    $2.00 CAD

    Shawn & Dee Photo 2

    This is an 8x10" glossy photo.
    $2.00 CAD

    Shawn & Dee Photo 3

    This is a landscaped 8x10" semi-gloss photo.
    $2.00 CAD

    Shawn & Dee Photo 4

    This is an 8x10" semi-gloss photo.
    $2.00 CAD

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